Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Neva!

Action shots! wide angle fast shutter speed... We had cake for Neva's Birthday. Douwe ate his so fast there wasn't time for a photo.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Pret echo/Superfluous just-for-fun ultrasound

We dropped into Douwe's work out of hours to check on the baby...
It's gotten so big!!!

Tempting to just roll the machine out of there and have one at home, be like Tom and Katie (whom conspiracy theorists believe their baby is alien-seeded)

The Rise of Pregzilla (short story)
I always could sing along to Kenny Rogers (thanks pa for that) and one day driving to work I was singing along to "You don't have to fight to be a man". The father in jail teaches his son, Tommy, "Promise me son not to do the things I've done, walk away from trouble if you don't mean it's weak to turn the other cheek, " and as a consequence the son grows up to be the coward of the county. But the Gatlin boys did terrible things to his girl Becky, "...there were three of 'em!". When Tommy left the barroom, not a single Gatlin boy was left standing and Tommy sings "I promised you, Dad, not to do the things you done.I walk away from trouble when I can. Now please don't think I'm weak, I didn't turn the other cheek,and Papa, I sure hope you understand:Sometimes you gotta fight to be a man."
I always liked Kenny Rogers (thanks pa for that) but never realised he was such a lyrical genius. I shed tears, and realised, I am pregzilla.

Turn on sound for video below!

15 weeks

The Dialogue

Douwe: You don't see it good on a photo

Kelly: A video, that's why it's video!

*cough* (the midman [we had a man midwife] told me to do that to encourage the baby to move at the first ultrasound)

Douwe: It kicks like a boy (!)

Kelly *High pitched girly giggle, thinking:* I thought I saw Jazz Hands




Douwe: [in stern voice] Kelly...

Kelly: Yeah...? I just want him to wake up...