Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weekend in Guildford with Reuben

We had a fabulous long weekend in the UK staying with Lisa, Matt and Rueben. It was heaps of fun, meeting up with old rellies (Ann, Vanessa + Chris, Jamie + Ying-ley) in London and Oxford, meeting new rellies Reuben en John, eating duck duck and more duck, doing a bit of baby practise, shopping and just hanging out.

Vanessa, Lisa & Me @ YUMMMMMMMM-cha
With Ann and Vanessa, weapons ready

Practising, practising...

...and more practising. Reuben was so good, he let us try out our baby names on him (when his parents weren't looking).

The Cottage @ Guilford (Lisa and Matt confusing explaining to Reuben, "the sound is there but the plane is there because....")

Reuben's first birthday

Jamie and Ying-ley's John skillfully eating one noodle at a time.

definitely no camera or posing tricks- this is real!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How I look today

How big is my belly? This is the view from my vantage point.

Just kidding! This (below) is more realistic. I can barely see my toes.
Yesterday had the monthly check-up: baby heart beat, my blood pressure everything is fine, growing at a normal pace and so am I. I'm not camera shy, I'm just too vain to show my face without good lighting! Just enjoy my colour coordination: it's coming up to my 4th winter in the Netherlands and I'm just starting to get the hang of layering and coordinating one's wardrobe but throw in pregnancy clothing and all the extra layers it entails, makes for long toilet visits with all that rearranging of the multiple layers.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Aloha-óe Dirk

This week, Dirk leaves for 6 months for an overseas work internship. All alone, spending christmas without family, New Year's without friends and missing the birth of his first niece/nephew
..........in Hawaii. Living on Waikiki beach. So no sympathy, just jealousy! Ok grudgingly, we'll miss you.
He's also the Dutch CHAMPION of Karate (all-round Prize).....isn't that amazing?!

Dagje uit/Activity Day

1500 hours: It started out like this, expectations of a a) genteel b) pleasant or c) stately canoe trip.
1505 hours: there was clearly a) capsizing danger b) lack of faith in the paddlers or c) a mutiny aboard the Captain's canoe, Akemi saying "I WANT OUT OF THIS BOAT!"
1510 hours : After 10 minutes of strenuous paddling, a tea break was needed to soothe frayed nerves....
....and positions were changed
There was racing and sabotage, but (for some) it took a while to get the hang of paddling in a straight line.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chasing the roast duck

This was the highlight of my week...chasing this roast duck from the exposed shop window in Amsterdam into the safety of my takeaway bag and taking him home for a nostalgic meal with friends: green vegs and ex-melbournites renee and martijn who appreciate and understand the duck too. In the photo are Dorien and Joris who kindly followed my stomach to the restaurant!