Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Semantically unpredictable sentences as a measure of functional speech intelligibility

...congratulations to Renee for her masters in language and speech pathology, completed in a language she's known for 3 years. Apart from the obvious kudos, I also just wanted to quote the title. It's trippy.
Kaemon JUST started saying MAMA!!! That boy sure knows how to string us along. For the record, his first words were (in order of appearance):
Tractor (the followed by a host of vehicular-themed words), giraffe, bobthebuilder, Papa, plane, Mama.

Nelson is a cheeky boy who likes to hang out with his mum. LOves hanging out at the milkbar.
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The richest people in the world!

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Happy anniversary to us! Teething kids and midnight snacking babies kind of had us wondering whether it was 3 or 30 years...but luckily it's engraved on the inside of our rings. (along with each other's names, all important information to survive an anniversary!).  

All things good must come to an end

For two weeks I had eating company, we had laptop parties and watched movies 10 minutes at a time (tired parents can only handle so much). Now they've gone...but not far!!! lovelove
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Dorien and Joris!

The last wedding of the season.... It was sooooo lovely. A perfectly planned day, the bride was gorgeous and radiant, the groom too (grooms don't get much attention at these digs), and I have to admit, we were doublejointing it on the dancefloor. Ouch, it's been a long time.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

it's been one of those months where the universe gives me a hug. THat is, all goes well- take for example this day: sufern and hanoi visiting, joep taking us on his boat through amsterdam (however we did ram a tour boat- scissors beats paper, paper beats rock, steel beats fibreglass...yay we won!), sun shining, lunch in chinatown, lovely!
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saucisse coupée et sauces mélangée

Just to show that it's not all caviar and champagne, this is what we served up to our very special guests Renee and Martijn. What can I say?... it's a compliment when you're comfortable enough with someone to serve them cut up sausage and three (not just one, no) sauces. Melange of sauces, that does sound fancy doesn't it. french makes everything fancy.

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summer = discovering playgrounds. We three up in the air....douwe down on the ground!
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