Friday, October 31, 2008


October is usually a month I have a mild aversion to, nothing much happens, beginning of winter, all what has not yet been achieved seem to loom ominously when you realise the year's nearly over. BUT! This year was totally different- it sped by with many things happened, very busy with work and lots of visits from many delightful friends, lots of happenings and food, yes food. Kaemon discovered mussels, we had sashimi (first time in what seems like years of being pregnant). And lots of promise of wunderbar happenings to come............STAY TUNED, NOVEMBER is going to ROCK!!!
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The Return of the Whitesides

This time for a final fling before they head home...
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Kaemon learns the meaning of FREE GIFT!

At First Friends in voorhout, a great international playgroup for toddlers it was Birthday Day- and the pinata came out and instead of violently bashing it to pieces, the kids all took a string and neatly pulled out its guts to shower pressies on all the little ones!
Kaemon scored 2 little cars. Happy Man.
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Daily Chaos

Kaemon practising his best newsreader's pose.