Friday, January 23, 2009

January 2009

I like the feeling of a new year. Clean, fresh, even when we are stale and aching. Boo-hoo! We have hit the ground running. Work was all-consuming but thanks to deadlines, the pace is back to normal. We have done a good job of fulfilling our NY's resolution and visited family in Friesland and friends Menno & Esther in Breda, we had a unexpected guest: my cousin alvin! I do love visitors and we had a good time showing him typical dutch things (like the rollerclogs) and the freezing canals in Leiden. Now it's back to the usual cold and wet weather. Bleeeeaaaah.

nelson's first crawl

Nelson bumped forward in his first crawl last Saturday- we cheered and clapped ...and then he refused to perform for the camera! However today, Kaemon put a freshly baked cookie down on the floor for a second it kicked Nelson into gear: a leap and one bound forward and he had the cookie in his reach! Kaemon has been warned: Nelson will show no mercy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last week drove to the North, along the Delta Works- one long long long long dike. Even through the view is pretty uneventful, it's because it's SO long that you're pretty much driving through the North Sea.
We visited the boys' Great Grandma Vellinga
And cousins Rixt and Loes. The gorgeous blond hair and blue eyes is almost synonymous with the name Vellinga- so kaemon almost fulfils the bill while douwe was kind of the black sheep (literally speaking)
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IT's been literally freezing here for the best part of a week and it's SKATING WEATHER!! This is unbelievable gorgeous- everyone's happy and out on their skates. Where we live there's plenty of canals and waterways and even the big ones have frozen over....for the first time in 12 years! We were one of the few without skates as douwe sold his last year not expecting to ever need them do you spell spijt/regret??! The big dark line under Douwe and Kaemon's feet however is a complete crack in the ice to the murky depths below...

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Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Day

A Festive Shiny Year just out of the plastic wrap: Big Hugs and Kisses from us here in freezing Holland.

Plans to be social on the eve of the upcoming year were thwarted by a nasty belly virus. Result: 22:00 hours everyone in bed sleeping through the fireworks. Cheers (*skulls probiotic drink*).

The canals are freezing up, exciting all those with skates on feet, or as some locals like to do, wheels. and babies. I'll be the first to admit I'm not accustomed to local practises and lack the ability to judge thin ice...but it was freaking me out seeing the babies on ice that was groaning and cracking...

New Year's Resolution: (dare I say it?) as there are no babies (planned) this year (as opposed to 2007 and 2008) we aim to be getting out more often.
Coming to a town near you....