Sunday, May 31, 2009

*happy sigh* I like: spontaneous visitors, Aussie company, eating company, sunshine, loud guffawing, people who actually laugh at my jokes, shameless behaviour. Thanks Ingrid for all that!!

And why were we going overboard with the peace sign? Becaue Hiromi was visiting, because we used to learn Japanese, because some people tend to bring out the silly in each other.

A new restaurant on the beach, very cool very cool

A night out with my aussie posse (yes I have one!). We were practising tips learned from America's/Germany's Next Top Model (apparently Heidi kicks Tyra's a$$) but modelling is really harder than most people realise as there was not one normal picture of any of us.

Nelson's B. Day!

We had fantastic party!! Good company, lots of food, sunshine and outdoors. The birthday boy enjoyed the attention and the good vibes,

Not a chair in sight (not possible for circles to be formed!)

The park had a little farm and lots of space to let the kids run the excess sugar off

Mingling, mixing and chilling

Kids under control

Nelson had enough attention all day long

The cake kind of survived long enough to be eaten

Big TA to all the attendees and for all the presents, we had such a good day!! And big pat on the back to Ingrid, the only acceptee of the open invitation offer!! You doubled the size of the Australian delegation!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The sad story of nelson's cake.

The pandas represent Kaemon and Nelson, and they were supposed to be tug-of-warring and Nelson wins (as usual) but the low-lying lid of the cake box didn't allow for pandas to be frolicking on top of the cake. And having an letter 'H' left over at the end of the cake making had me wondering why I made and extra one... So, happy birtday to you Nelson! (Thanks Ingrid :)

So, Kaemon ended up hanging on the side of the cake...

Nelson 'helping' him up.

A technical mistake with the foundations of the cake caused the downfall of this cake, after 2 days in the fridge, the icing was melting something Bad like Michael Jackson's face.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

General Things

Laundry, Kaemon style

Cupcakes, my style (quick and dirty) for playgroup's second birthday

One for my husband

Nelson is officially eating with the pot. (Translation from dutch- means he's eating grown up food)!
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Gerco & Charlotte 4 eva!

I love weddings, yes I do. It's usually the manic happiness making it a shining point in life. Everywhere you turn manic smiles, everyone happy happy joy joy! The bride and groom were radiant and resplendent.

Beautiful Old Mansion in the forest, decorated in Art Deco style and a intruiging Shell-Horn-Mahogany Decor theme (Pau shells, with buffalo horn on massive dressoirs= lavish)

Brings the romance out in all...

I made a token cake (with three boys in the house, when do I ever get a chance to make flowers???????)

the food: the main course, cornish hen with tarragon sauce was...well, cornish hen with tarragon sauce and broccoli and mashed potato. But the entree, tatare of salmon with asparagus, was a delectable coarse chop of fresh salmon, dill that was tart and fragrant, making me want to use words such as delightful, delish and om-nom-nom-nom it's gone!
A lovely sunny day, nice catching up with friends and hanging out in luxury for a day.
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Open invitation

Our littlest is turning one! Betting on good weather, we're organising a picnic in the park. We're reluctant to send out personal invitations as many live far away and may feel under pressure to turn up to a 3 hour dig; therefore we're posting an open invitation to all: you are welcome!

Please let us know if you can come!

Koninginnedag 2009

We had a beautiful day with Renee and Martijn and lounged in this cool Belgian beer cafe with a gorgeous secluded garden perfect for gambolling kids. It was a close to relaxed as one gets with 2 kids and 4 adults!

Only in the car on the way home did the silence fall as we listened to the radio news bulletins. In the morning, many houses had hoisted flags and the royal wimple in honour of Koninginnedag. Seeing the flags lowered to half mast by the end of the day was a sad, but in a way uplifting sight of community solidarity.