Monday, February 15, 2010

Gong Xi Fat Xai!

This year we got together with Nicoline and Edi fellow Chinese foodies to celebrate the new year with the important element of Food: theme? Lots of it!

The laden table

1st row L-R: Peking Duck (Douwe brought from Rotterdam); Peking Duck pancakes; Lobak (bean curd rolls)
2nd row: pickled cucumbers, beef n black beans; Salt and Pepper calamari
3rd row: Mixed veg with prawns and scallops, Roast Pork, Steamed Bream

Kaemon and Nelly getting ang pows/red packets from Edi and Nicoline- which was very exciting as it was filled with chocolate money (and the real thing too, but they just give that to mummy).
Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the most important things in life: happiness and health. We can't ask for more :)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Big Bang!

Kaemon's Birthday Celebrations ended with a big bang- we all went out (with family) to a Japanese restaurant (all sorts of sushi, nigiri sushi, teppan, saradas, katsu, deliciousness). Kaemon's face lit up when his black sesame and green tea ice cream came complete with a firework atop! The icecream melted to milkshake, but that didn't stop him from slurping up every last drop.
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When they are not pulling each other's hair or landing a mule kick to the face, they play quite nicely together!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kaemon's Birthday!

Our little Kaemon ain't so little anymore!  We are so blessed and love our K-monster: bright, luminous, sweet, affectionate, relaxed, epicurean, funny, cuddly.

He turned two three!! The curse of the birthday cake struck again, Like Nelson's 1st 'Birtday' cake flubble, Kaemon's cake had 2nd birthday 2x and 2 candles before I realised my mistake... Lucky he didn't notice

THanks to all for the birthday wishes, presents, cards, thoughts! We had a fantastic birthday!!!  Lots of friends, food, pinata and fun. 

Monday, February 01, 2010

Winter has been beautiful and therefore, tolerable. The frozen ground and white frosting beats the soggy wet continuous drizzle of winters past.

Yum Cha/Dim Sum in the Hague. Joy of joys, the boys sit down for a lunch and eat their fair share of the spoils. No left-overs to take home... Giant prawns in the siew mai, fluffy steamed char siew pau mmmm classic goodies!

A chinatown goodie: the memories- Darlie AND astroboy in ONE gift box. Darlie used to be Darkie with the negro face as the symbol, and Astro boy is the coolest with a laser beam hidden in his bottom.

Kaemon's new preschool
Nelson, we are in love with him! He's cheeky and lovable, loves people and extremely kissable. He regards blowing raspberries as his solemn task, responding to the request with a grunt in accordance 'mmp'. When douwe gets home from work, he is often greeted by an insistent Nelson who is clear in his wordless demands to lie down, pull shirt up and let the belly out...

Kaemon's started at a new (his first preschool is closing down, hence the switch) preschool- and loves it! Sometimes he falls asleep unexpectedly...