Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Absolute Deliciousness

These are the reasons why we have 0 free time at the moment. It sounds terrible but it's Absolute Deliciousness.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quin joins the family


Our first amusement park visit that the kids enjoyed more than we did! At least Kaemon & Nelson are old enough to run around of their own accord and had a fantastically exciting day!

The Efteling is charming- with a Fairy Tale Forest filled with all the characters from various stories (some quite scary).

My favourite of course: the gingerbread house...
The wolves were uncensored scary villains complete with lolling tongues dripping with saliva (Kaemon could not be convinced to look)

Hansel & Gretel, Those dear little goats unsuspecting that the hungry wolf is at the door: 'DON'T OPEN FOR STRANGERS!'. Kaemon & Nelson breaking the news to mummy goat that her 6 children have been devoured by the wolf.

The big story-telling tree was impressive & Kaemon only chose rides that were 'very slow'

Confirming that the Magic does happen @ the Efteling, we bumped into familiar faces! Marjolein, Justin, Timo, Yara & Marjolein's mum Inge were also doing the Eftel-thing on the very same day!

Kaemon turns 4!

Our delicious Kaemon turned 4! He:
- was the beginning of our parenthood.
- has stiff spiky chinese hair but is blond.
- is cautious but able.
- not brave and not ashamed to admit it.
- is conscientious and considerate.
- is caring.
- loves being a big brother to Quinten, likes being a big brother to Nelson!
- analyses things.
- loves being in bed.
- loves sushi.
- can be bribed with food.
- skips and jumps instead of walking
- sings like a lark
- exudes pure joy when holding Quinten, eating good food, playing with tanks, doing number puzzles, singing, telling a story.

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