Monday, October 03, 2011


This summer Douwe went to Japan for a very special occasion; he went to celebrate his Obachan's 100th birthday. I have heard many accounts of how she is lively and engaging, sagely and determined.

Lotus Flower blossoming in the summer. A beautiful icon of the tropical weather.

Textures and patterns. Love the Japanese textiles. In the middle picture are cousins at Obachan's birthday.

Kobe: Akemi's home town. A port city nestled into the foot of mountains.

Kobe by night.

Kyoto & surrounds
Obachan's 100th Birthday party. She made origami cranes as a present for everyone and enjoyed the cake and company! What present is suitable to give to some of such a grand age? It seemed chocolate bon bons (preferably Belgian) were the order of the day. Obachan takes a few a day as daily medicine!

Ready for the food pictures? I think I Douwe has caught the taking pictures of food bug. But when the food is this good, who wouldn't take pictures, I ask you?!
Food set #1 Lots of sashimi and bento.

Food set #2 More sashimi and unagi

Food set #3 ...Sashimi and okonomiyaki. The top right sashimi set almost brings a tear to my eye with its lyrical presentation. Yes! Food can sing.

Quintessential Japanese images. The photos of paintings are painted by family members who were famous artists