Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nudie Noosa

We went to with one of my twins Su-fern, and Hanoi to Noosa, stayed on Hastings St, got the good mix of beach, national park walking, restaurants, shops and shops. love it always!

Why am I testing my pelvic floors like that??

because of DOuwe and Hanoi's badminton on the windy beach-skills!!

Briz-vegas baby!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Sally, Paul & Matilda from Tassie

Virginie from Wageningen/France/Sydney came to visit for the weekend

Eating @ Andreas' and Rachel's

Matt and Reuben

Not my friends, this was the day the harry potter came out. So in a way, they are my friends...

St peters reunion @ bali grill with Lispy, Trav & Amanda

With only one week to go....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feeding frenzy

He's been eating for one week now, and can't seem to get enough puree! Lamb chops next...

Burleigh Heads

Spent a long weekend at the beach - perfect weather!

A little bit of activity was involved

More lounging around (exciting! sighting of the rare beluga whale kaemon with man-boobs!)

As usual, food

we get around in style!

Found our perfect hangout in a cafe/baby clothing shop-

Where we spent many coffees...

and teas...

back at apartment headquarters

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kaemon's First Playground

First, we had breakfast (scrambled eggs with chipolatas and tomato!!) with some brisbanites from the "old days": newlyweds (German) Andreas and (American) Rachel. This couple got together during the same heady days as we did and also defied the naysayers!

Next we paid a visit to Kaemon's cousin Reuben in the ballenbak/Ballroom

Did we mention that he's in a "put-everything-in-his-mouth" phase?

We walked along the river to New Farm Park, one of the many beautiful parks in Brisbane (*nostalgia*)

Kaemon swings!

Weather report: Sunny, 20 deg, delicious!

Kaemon Bites!!!

He's 5-6 Months now, and unable to sustain his astronomical weight gain on milk alone.... It really is work to get two teaspoons down! But since then we've worked out way up to 5-6 teaspoons! I lie awake at night worrying that my child won't like to eat. What will I do? How will I cope? Where can I get help?! But it appears that there's nothing to fear:

Loli & Shawn's New place

We gathered en masse at the new house and ate till we popped!
Shawn Cooked:

Eating out. That's a wood-fired pizza oven in the foreground! Yes! I can't wait...

Babies babies all around I look are babies.

Whenever we get together, it's beginning to look like a commune...

3 Babes!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Australia!!! Day 1

First view of Australia

We hit the ground running.......... Kaemon meeting great grandma

met our new niece Lana and newphew Noah
My sisters-in-law

Douwe trying his tricks on a new baby

Oishii Sushi!! Soft shell crab, unagi, tempura, prawn, I'm in heaven!!

miku Noah