Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby # 3!

Another miracle in the making....

All you needed to know, and then extra:
  • Everything looks in place, and growing the right way.
  • Due 11 October
  • will be called Mack if Kaemon has his way
  • 5 cm from top to tail (and the tail is still there!)
  • already in maternity clothes, let it all hang out yeah!
  • Nelson loves babies, so have high hopes for him to babysit responsibly
  • Finished 3 bottles of Gaviscon antacids to battle the nausea
  • when nausea is over, will celebrate by going to the best Thai in leiden
  • all of a sudden craving for sashimi, rare beef, raw things.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Long time no post....

Everyone's been under the weather, Douwe's been to Miami and it's finally Spring!!! We survived the coldest winter ever...

Nelly cooking up a storm

Kaemon helped with these Nonya pineapple tarts- put the jam on and the ball on top! NO photoshopping!

While nelson was sick, the pineapple tarts were practically the only things he ate...(or alternate caption: we'll have to start saving for an orthodontist)

Kaemon's usual get-up for breakfast

Brotherly Love