Monday, April 28, 2008


Not mama, papa, milk, but..........

if you missed that, that was TRACTOR 3x, and then Ta-ta (the horn). The jury was undecided for a few days, but there is distinct enunciation and we are in agreeance: TRACTOR it is!!!

Oh yes, and a new hair-do! with the second one on the way, the old hairstyle was too high-maintenance!

what we've been doing

NOT MUCH! Been sick, the body is failing... Anyway, great that mum and dad are here, extra hands, all the better to keep Kaemon happy and me sleeping! We went to the beach and had a great day....the highlight was seeing a real tractor, significant, as that is the little man's FIRST WORD!!!


Text book instructions: create rest, a calm environment, and quiet time before going to bed...otherwise kaemon gets hysterical!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


long one but too lazy to edit. he's obsessed with wheelie things, he loves this book from uncly hanoi and aunty afern

Not exactly first words but nearly!

Spoon? what's that?