Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photo Dump

Kaemon and Nelson's favourite meal...

The boys got their pearly whites checked- mum and dad have been doing a good job. Phew.

Spring always seems to jump in your face. One moment we're still walking in snow and the next I'm sweating in my jeans in the sun. No slow transition, it just bursts into bloom

Quinten is beautiful and healthy. He loves being one of the boys. Just loves them...

Kaemon's school had an Easter Trail- through the neighbourhood playing games and treasure hunting! I've survived my first term as a School Mum. HOlidays now, see if we get through this with sanity intact...

Last wee we still had winter jackets on, and this week, we're having dinner on the beach on a school night too! Quinten- started on solid foods- not happy with the empty cone. Furious to discover he got no ice cream!!!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

In memorial

Hylke Sjoerd Jozef Vellinga (18 March 1944-13 March 2011)

Een koele bries, de wind steekt op, oneindig is de oceaan.
Hijs het anker, trossen los, het is tijd nu om te gaan.
Een behouden vaart.

A cool breeze, the wind picks up, the ocean is infinite.
Raise the anchor, release the ties. Now it is time to go.
Safe journey.