Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BBQ season

Summer is great, the traditional weekend breakfast on the BBQ...yum! We've had a lovely house guest Renee,douwe cooked a meal for the first time in living memory, and the boys moved into bunk beds. Nelson sneaks up to the top bunk and cuddles up to him when Kaemon's fast asleep.

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Summer Lovin'

Sometimes BFFs. Our gorgeous boys ♥ Kaemon is sweet and perhaps a little introspective, there's a lot of thoughts going on in that head of his. He's a relaxed boy, and cautious (he's Nelson's road safety captain)sometimes it takes a while to convince him to do something, but when he does decide to do it, there's no problem. He loves a good feed, and one can always bribe him with a promise of food. He has ridden his bike WITHOUT side wheels! Loves cars, trucks, machines, singing and dancing....a curious combination. ♥ Nelson is a a cheeky monkey, he's got the same cheeky monkey genes as Shawn, Lana and Noah. What a crazy combination in August...he loves laughing, making others laugh. He's already figured out how to tease his bigger brother, but he loves little babies and insects. He eats a lot (after first refusing and asserting his authority). He's out of nappies thankfully, wasn't looking forward to 2 babies in nappes in October!

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Nelson our cheeky monkey. Uncle Dirk is moving to Leiden/Oegstgeest!!! (Got a job here) That's the best news ever :) The boys are very excited...