Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We celebrated Oma Vellinga's life who passed away at the age of 92- 1112 kids and 6360 (3 unborn! ;) grandkids & great-grandkids. Much loved, and missed.

Uncles Daan and Dirk visited, and ice cream was the food group of the month.

Neslon is brave, fearless!

Nelson is a picky eater at times, sometimes because the bowl is the wrong colour - but when he loves it, he really LOVES it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last minute trip to Barcelona to visit Tita Loli and Primito Noah who were on a visit to family there. To say we enjoyed it would be an understatement. 4 days of partying (toddler style, not rock star). 4 days of eating everything that passed our noses. 4 days of being with family. I was kind of hungover from too much of a good time...

Kaemon and Noah thankfully played peacefully most of the time...Kaemon picked up some Spanish, and also some Spanish style

A sample of the fare. Dolores (mama) worked miracles in the kitchen with tomatoes, celery, onion, bay leaves and wine. It must have been a miracle as I tried the recipes, but tasted nothing like hers. My only mission in Barcelona was to revisit the Navajas at the Boqueria.

We hung out with la familia. We siesta'd and partied till laaaate

Muchas Gracias! It's great to have family everywhere!