Monday, January 25, 2010

*Brr Cold*

We had a good family weekend (tidying up, eating together, sleeping in till a luxurious 8:30am, having visitors). Erik, Simone & Julia (10 months) visited from ol'Nijmegen. We had a lovely time and was first time I've seen snow on the beach. Odd combination lik chocolate and fish. but nicer!

Monday, January 18, 2010

1 year in photos

More than 2000 photos in one year, no time for making albums! Click on the photo to see an enlargement.

New Year 2010

The new years brings already the winds of change... or more likely, things never stop changing. An Aussie friend, Leigh & lovely fam are leaving for Switzerland. Finally I had met someone who causes socially awkward situations (irrespective of the the cultural setting) with as much (or perhaps more) ease as I do (*to mock someone is the Australian way of showing affection- store that for future reference). And then they leave.

ALso in December, my 7th year in the NL passed (without much ado). One nice thing about a 'foreign' husband is having the opportunity to get to know another culture up close, and getting to know so many interesting, intrepid and adventurous people (perhaps it's the natural selection for expats). (Not to mention my sister-in-laws [spanish and fillipino] adding to the mix. We have so much, and the riches far outweigh the losses.

One good thing that came of Leigh leaving was that her leaving party (I'm an optimist) was at a thai restaurant that I've been wanting to try for a long time...Sisaket Thai. OMG, fly your pants off-yumm.

2009 Round-up

December flew by with a whizz of parties, playing in the snow, colds and vomit (non alcohol related)!

I finally found some people who wanted to warble christmas carols around the piano with me, and sing we did...the poor neighbours. But like most parties these days, it crashed and burned around 8:30pm.

Clockwise: Douwe bringing the kids to the babysitter; Nelson playing Gulliver in the farmhouse Opa built for Christmas; Coralling Nelson and locking him up, Nelson starting potty training.

I boned and rolled my first loin of lamb. It was delish, and looked great cooked. However, it was a crime of passion tearing into the roasted loin, a frenzy in which photos were forgotten...

December culminated in NYE: a few false alarms (snow, ice, illness) from other participants nearly cancelled the party, in the end Nelson decided to put an end to any doubt by throwing up and running a fever on the eve. So we stayed home and ate our share of the dinner. By 8pm, douwe had also come down with a fever and chills, and I was up alone with Edward the vampire. Wasn't too bad...

The new year brought more snow and snow-related fun :)
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