Sunday, June 05, 2011

Quinten 8 months

Quinten is such a sweet baby. He literally gets schlepped everywhere and rarely complains, just smiles and babbles away and is happy when he gets his food on time. He gets extra cuddles because we are pretty sure this is the last baby.....
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We went to Harlingen & Bolsward in Friesland- places that were special for Opa- for a family get-together.

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Nelson's Birthday Week

Party after party after party: Cake for the real birthday, then for kindy, then for the family day...and 3 kilos of cake later, thank goodness it's all over! Of course it had to be a Wiggles cake (one little friend took one look and asked 'what's THAT??') and Nelson had no qualms about eating each of the Wiggles one, by one. Nelson was spoiled with great presents from lovely friends.

Jeff's head on a plate, served up for Nelson (below). We ventured down to the beach for a picnic dinner- amidst almost gale force winds with searing sand, we managed to eat and crunch our way from salads to ice creams.

Relaxed, gorgeous weather on the long weekend! Bliss

We LOVE love love living near the beach. Katwijk (Neighbourhood of Cats) is the usual strand. Our favourite time is about 4pm when the sun is softer and the crowds are leaving for their dinner at home- we believe in the motto 'the outdoors is no fun without food' so I usually pack whatever's on the menu for the evening and we out of plastic cups (better for the sand storms).
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